We are passionate about our environment and very aware of the need to take good care of it, for our grand-children and yours. The initial concept, design, building process and the on-going management of Straw Lodge and the vineyard has been based on this premise. To be an accredited Sustainable Vineyard was not enough for us. We have now fully converted to be a certified Organic property.


  • Personally designed & built Straw Lodge out of straw bales- a natural waste product with superb insulation- organic - healthy, breathable - non-toxic paint & natural oil finish. Home-milled & demolition timbers used throughout buildings & furniture - designed & made on-site.
  • Extra energy saving by replacing with low-energy light bulbs + utilising low voltage & solar exterior lighting. All buildings double glazed and appliances replaced with low energy-low water usage models. Little heating required.
  • The property has a BioGro Organic certification. Guests can be assured that no herbicides, pesticides or artificial fertilizers are used at all on the property. This audited environmental programme is designed to ensure grape growing methods are the safest possible to the environment & human health - soil conservation, irrigation & water management, & integrated plant protection are focused on. Water usage is monitored.
  • Domestic water - sourced from our own well then double-filtered & treated with an infra red light process. We are a plastic-water-bottle free zone!
  • Transport chosen with safety and economy in mind. Our diesel vehicle, a seven seater, does 8.2 litre / 100kms, & by limiting our mileage to an annual 11,000kms yr. our carbon emissions total 2.14 tonnes. Guests have the use of six off-road bikes + two electric bikes, with access to the local rivers and tracks provided from the property. Golf clubs also available.
  • The gardens, orchard and surrounds designed for self-sufficiency - no-dig gardens mulched with waste- paper and straw + application of garden compost = better soils structure, less water, less work , better organic produce, veges, herbs, fruit, citrus, preserves + pure virgin, cold pressed olive oil for family and guest consumption.
  • Recycling facilities supplied for guests and active programme of recycling carried out. Kitchen waste composted and garden & vineyard material mulched on site.
  • Supplied toiletries locally made & contain only natural vegetable oils and pure essential oils. All purchases made with the minimising of waste, packaging, and carbon emissions a factor. Only 'environmentally friendly' cleaning products used. Where at all possible all local products and organic produce used and promoted. Supporter of the local Farmers Market and local artisans.
  • Owners/managers of Straw Lodge hold certified qualifications in work-place first-aid, food-safety, chemical spray applications, DOC guiding accreditation & risk management, Social Assessment & Environmental Sociology.
  • We recognise the social environment as being an essential component of the environmental equation. Community involvement is essential to sustain a healthy environment - we support local groups with annual donations, donate regularly to the local Blood Bank, open the grounds of Straw Lodge to the local church garden tour, advocate for greater recognition of the tourist sector by local authorities, tutor Adult Literacy for those requiring literacy assistance.


  • Your comfort and pleasure are paramount. Co-operation with our energy saving efforts- requesting linen changes only when necessary, utilising free solar-powered cloths drying, recycling and enjoying the free, filtered tap water, will be greatly appreciated. Please enjoy the garden produce, the ambience of the buildings & surrounds, the private out-door courtyards & BBQ areas. Access the cycling and walking tracks from the vineyard. Fully immerse yourselves in the lifestyle of a sustainable winegrowing operation and visit nearby organic vineyard tasting rooms & restaurants to experience the best of Marlborough.


Phone +64 3 572 9767 Fax +64 3 572 9769
17 Fareham Lane, RD1, Blenheim,
Marlborough. New Zealand